Update on the new ibus-1.5 and gnome-settings-daemon gnome-control-center 3.6 situation

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Wed Nov 21 10:47:11 UTC 2012

Le 20/11/2012 21:31, Ma Xiaojun a écrit :

> Exactly.
> I probably want to try adding such feature back to IBus itself at certain point.
> But I have no confidence of persuading so-called GNOME design people,
> please help.
Do you have a list of the features that are missing in the 1.5 update? 
Is that mostly the "input method per win" option? I will try to 
resume/continue the GNOME upstream discussion on the topic

> Be aware of the fact that Aron Xu and Jeremy Bicha don't use IBus.
Well, I don't either and we lack people in the team we do, still we need 
to maintain need so I'm trying to understand where we stand. I'm not 
using ibus but reading bugs and discussions from users and ibus 
maintainers in other distributions I got the feeling that 1.5 was a 
problematic version ... isn't that true?

> Sir Ubuntu, there is no free lunch.
> If you have specific design idea/blueprint that related to IBus,
> please use upstream channel to request or discuss.
Right, we don't though, we lack people knowing it and we are stuck in 
"trying to understand what change between ibus-1.4 and GNOME 3.4 and 
ibus-1.5 and GNOME 3.6" to see if the update is something we should do 
or if it's problematic enough that we should hold back on it until we 
get some of the issues resolved (that also requires to understand what 
the issues are and engage with those upstream about getting them resolved)
> The best thing I would like to see is that we patch 3.6 g-c-c to have
> local layout state and try to push back to upstream.
Is that the only thing missing in GNOME 3.6 keyboard handling from your 
> The IBus indicator is a shame of Ubuntu, it is an ugly patch which
> contains no author information.
> Do you have a blueprint for new IBus indicator?
> Do you have a code repo for new IBus indicator?
What's the issue with the IBus indicator? It's basically an equivalent 
of the upstream GtkStatusIcon as an Indicator. Is your comment based on 
the open bug that the icon fail to load in some cases for some users or 
do you know of other issues?

We neither have a blueprint nor a code repository for the new indicator 
no ... reasons include that we are just starting looking at ibus 1.5 and 
that we lack people with enough knowledge about the domain to design a 
proper solution. Our first iteration would probably to keep following 
what ibus upstream is doing with their icon just using an indicator, 
that's assuming that the IBus upstream know enough about IBus and its 
users to come with an useful UI (if IBus upstream doesn't know how IBus 
is used we have other issues...)

Sebastien Bacher

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