It's time to jettison CCSM

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at
Tue Jan 31 23:09:42 UTC 2012

On 31 January 2012 17:46, Petko <pditchev at> wrote:
> Ok , so I read the whole discussion and I want to summarize , because the
> direction of things seems really clear and there's a compromise (not having
> ccsm "jettisoned" and confining the trouble it's causing ) .
> Mathieu Comandon made a point that Ubuntu is the main user of compiz and
> since the project is not in good shape some help is desperately needed from
> the ubuntu community . I really don't know what the situation is with compiz
> overall , but I believe that CCSM holds a lot of power , and it will be much
> harder to rewrite all of that (and much more unthoughtful to dispose of it)
> , than to put safeties here and there and to adopt the app at some point (at
> the point that you would have otherwise started to write a substitute for
> CCSM) .
> So that's that , I'd say that the next thing to do is - get a blueprint
> going , recruit some people that are interested , and do the things that
> need to be done (I believe that the essentials are at most half a days work
> for someone that knows his way around CCSM (I hear that there's still a one
> man team in compiz) ) .

Yes, there are lots of ideas but until someone actually has a working
patch to make CCSM better, the complaints posted on this thread are
still valid. And one of the most important points as Didier posted is
that CCSM has had very little work done on it in along time despite
known problems. I hate to be off-putting but what CCSM needs is not
"power users on mailing lists, forums, twitter, etc." but developers.

Unfortunately, there have generally been plenty of higher priority
things to keep Canonical & community developers busy this month and in
previous months. So we need a decent coder who does have the time and
interest to dedicate to CCSM. And that would make everyone happy. I
don't think Ubuntu developers are CCSM haters, but we do expect severe
bugs to get fixed in a reasonable  period of time.


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