It's time to jettison CCSM

Petko pditchev at
Tue Jan 31 22:46:30 UTC 2012

Ok , so I read the whole discussion and I want to summarize , because 
the direction of things seems really clear and there's a compromise (not 
having ccsm "jettisoned" and confining the trouble it's causing ) .

I won't summarize the problem , nor the whole discussion - only what I 
believe is the right course of things (most of the things are mentioned 
in the thread):

-- change the package description

-- put an "apply" button instead of applying changes on site

-- put a warning "System may brake,are you sure" on clicking apply

thus far - things to do instead of removing the package that will put 
the fire out. Now some additional stuff:

-- make CCSM launch MyUnity (hell , keep the checkbox - with the listed 
changes we have a Safty-ed (I just made that up) power user tool , so if 
someone wants to uncheck it he'll know better next time)

-- (Nico's suggestion) put a 10 sec period to confirm (and revert 
changes when there's been no confirmation) . I'm aware that that doesn't 
fix some more major breaks but it fixes a lot of breaks that are not 
that bad , but hard for a newb to handle .

Mathieu Comandon made a point that Ubuntu is the main user of compiz and 
since the project is not in good shape some help is desperately needed 
from the ubuntu community . I really don't know what the situation is 
with compiz overall , but I believe that CCSM holds a lot of power , and 
it will be much harder to rewrite all of that (and much more 
unthoughtful to dispose of it) , than to put safeties here and there and 
to adopt the app at some point (at the point that you would have 
otherwise started to write a substitute for CCSM) .

So that's that , I'd say that the next thing to do is - get a blueprint 
going , recruit some people that are interested , and do the things that 
need to be done (I believe that the essentials are at most half a days 
work for someone that knows his way around CCSM (I hear that there's 
still a one man team in compiz) ) .

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