a dream

Pedro Bessa pedbessa at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 19:15:51 UTC 2012

Hi Ubuntu team and community,

we have to make using the keyboard a pleasing experience.

I thought about creating a shortcut for Dash, for Ubuntu Software Store, 
for System Settings, but I quickly run into conflicts. If CTRL+S is 
save, what is System Settings? So we have to go like the emacs way, but 

We hit ctrl once, but we don't hold ctrl, because that toggles on 
keyboard shortcut mode.

Calm down! When we hit s, we see save. When we hit c, we see copy. When 
we hit f, we see find. It's all there, the old shortcuts.

Going back, we hit ctrl once, then we type Ubu, then see what we're 
typing, then see Ubuntu One and Ubuntu Software Center, then hit down, 
then Ubuntu Software Center is selected, then hit enter, then Ubuntu 
opens Ubuntu Software Center for us.

That's very expressive, so that is very good, because we need to express 

What do you say?

Best regards,
Pedro Bessa

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