It's time to jettison CCSM

Jan Claeys lists at
Thu Jan 26 22:38:23 UTC 2012

Alan Bell schreef op do 26-01-2012 om 17:21 [+0000]:
> The suggestion to drop ccsm as a whole does feel a bit like "Unity
> doesn't work right with other plugins, lets get rid of all the others"
> when educating Unity to play nice with it's friends would be a much
> better solution. 

+1 on that

Also, many people use CCSM because of bugs[*] and deficiencies[*] in the
"Unity experience" (the selection of default compiz plugins for Unity),
not because they like to break their system.  And it doesn't seem like
MyUnity addresses all those bugs & problems...

Actually, based on screenshots it seems like CCSM's auto-generated UI is
more understandable than that of MyUnity (although I might have seen an
outdated screenshot--I hope so).

[*] yes, the most important ones have bug reports on Launchpad.

Jan Claeys

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