It's time to jettison CCSM

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Thu Jan 26 22:10:43 UTC 2012

Le 26/01/2012 17:28, Jorge O. Castro a écrit :
> to propose the removal of
> compizconfig-settingsmanager.
> I don't mean "stop telling people to use it" or "add a warning", I
> mean total removal from the archive until the tool is either better
> tested or doesn't break people's configuration. Here are some of the
> problems with the tool.


I've read some of the emails and rather than replying to different ones 
I will summarize there my though (which changed a bit reading the 

- ccsm is not a good ui, it exposes lot of broken or untested options 
and makes easy for users to break their system
- ideally we would drop those options, work is done to clean compiz but 
realistically that's not going to happen
- ccsm might please a technical minority, those users are able to enable 
a ppa if they really want to shot themself in the feet
- the issue is not specific to unity session, GNOME classic users for 
example get screwed the same way

Reading user comments ccsm is a real issue for Ubuntu and its users, lot 
of forums and sites recommends using it to tweak options and in result 
lot of users break their system and give up on Ubuntu thinking the 
system is unstable and buggy, that's a problem that cost a lot to Ubuntu 
and its community, we should not ignore that.

The issue is that if we drop ccsm from the archive but it gets added to 
a ppa and users get pointed to it the result will be similar, it might 
get harder to install but it will still screw maybe what we 
should do is keep it in the archive but add warnings like make users 
type "I know I might screw my system by using that tool" or similar to 
access to it...
One part of the issues is also user education, having better tools where 
we can direct users to should help to reduce the "you should try ccsm" 

Sebastien Bacher

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