It's time to jettison CCSM

Andrew Starr-Bochicchio a.starr.b at
Thu Jan 26 17:16:11 UTC 2012

On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 11:28 AM, Jorge O. Castro <jorge at> wrote:
> With tools like MyUnity now in universe, and didrocks putting basic
> configuration in the control panel I'd like to propose the removal of
> compizconfig-settingsmanager.
> I don't mean "stop telling people to use it" or "add a warning", I
> mean total removal from the archive until the tool is either better
> tested or doesn't break people's configuration. Here are some of the
> problems with the tool.

How would this effect other use cases for Compiz outside of Unity?

Do MyUnity or other tools allow you to configure "hot corners?" For
years now, my workflow has included binding Scale and Expo to the two
bottom corners.

> - People report these bugs, and instead of fixing real bugs we have to
> deal with corner case bugs for things we never plan on supporting.

This is a very real problem, but simply getting rid of CCSM doesn't
sound like the ideal solution. From an Ubuntu perspective, identifying
buggy plug-ins and not installing those might make more sense. More
generally, the Compiz project should probably review what it can
realistically support. Simply nuking the tool to configure these
options doesn't make their code paths go away.

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