Reintroducing Ubuntu Classic in 12.04? (Example project for Ubuntu Developer Week?)

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at
Thu Jan 26 14:13:54 UTC 2012

On 26 January 2012 04:55, Jo-Erlend Schinstad
<joerlend.schinstad at> wrote:
>  1) The indicator-applet-complete must be added to official Ubuntu
> repositories. JContis PPA has a working port. I've tested it for quite some
> time, and it works very well.

Yes, I hope that the fixed indicator-applet gets an official release
and back into Ubuntu soon.

>  2) We should have a meta package called ubuntu-classic that uses a
> different default configuration, including the "correct" panel background
> color and applet layout (which should include the indicator-panel-complete).
> LightDM should display this as Ubuntu Classic, not as Gnome Fallback.

My personal opinion is that Ubuntu's gnome-panel packaging should
include showing the indicator applet by default as it's far more
useful than the default GNOME panels and it's what Lucid users expect.
Also, we want the panel to look professional by default ( ). I'll accept patches for either of these
issues. I don't think there's any need to have a separate meta-package
to make the panel usable and not ugly.

>  3) If possible, the press-and-hold-alt-to-customize behavior should be made
> configurable in Gnome Panel, and when installing Ubuntu Classic, this should
> be deactivated.

That's an interesting idea. I wonder if Debian might be interested in
that too because the Alt modifier for these things is very
undiscoverable. You can open a wishlist bug for this.


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