Reintroducing Ubuntu Classic in 12.04? (Example project for Ubuntu Developer Week?)

Jo-Erlend Schinstad joerlend.schinstad at
Thu Jan 26 09:55:31 UTC 2012

I've written about Gnome Panel in Ubuntu before. I was wondering if 
anyone is working on this, or if there are any plans to do so? My 
thoughts (very short this time, I promise:));

Upstream Gnome has rebranded Gnome Panel as a fallback for Gnome Shell. 
This includes default theme, the clock is at the center, you have to 
hold the alt-key to customize it, etc. This is all fine from a Gnome 
perspective, but in no way does it reflect the classic Ubuntu 
experience. And a lot of users do want this.

As I see it, this is what must be done in order to achieve that objective:

   1) The indicator-applet-complete must be added to official Ubuntu 
repositories. JContis PPA has a working port. I've tested it for quite 
some time, and it works very well.

   2) We should have a meta package called ubuntu-classic that uses a 
different default configuration, including the "correct" panel 
background color and applet layout (which should include the 
indicator-panel-complete). LightDM should display this as Ubuntu 
Classic, not as Gnome Fallback.

  3) If possible, the press-and-hold-alt-to-customize behavior should be 
made configurable in Gnome Panel, and when installing Ubuntu Classic, 
this should be deactivated.

Except for 3, this shouldn't require too much effort, I think. But if 
nobody is working on this, then might it be a good idea to use this as 
an example project for Ubuntu Developer Week?

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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