Fwd: [Unity-design] What do we do with the file manager?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 9 11:36:16 UTC 2012

> Nautilus 3.4 is the safest bet out there (feature and stability wise), 
> however it has that horrid chopped down right sided toolbar and the 
> back and forward on the right and neither of those two are even 
> remotely good looking.
It would be easy enough to tweak it, but staying on an old unmaintained 
version of nautilus is not a solution going forward.
> Nautilus 3.6 is pretty, however it is terrible chopped down feature 
> wise and doesn't fit Ubuntu and Unity at all (super-menu and no 
> menubar, hence no appmenu => no HUD, light toolbar (and all other apps 
> have dark ones).
We could probably hack around and push the popup menu content to the HUD 
if that's the only issue, the problem is that it's not the only change 
so far (the drop of the menu means we have no "desktop menu" on empty 
desktops at the moment, they dropped compact view, treeview sidepanel, 
the lack of menubar looks weird in unity, etc)

> Nemo is the new kid on the block and that's pretty much all that's 
> known about it.
it's basically a fork of nautilus 3.4 no?

> Marlin is the prettiest file manager there is out there, however it 
> does lack stability (and maybe a features - MAYBE) and *needs */a 
> lot/ manpower.
The elementary guys worked on top of marlin for this own file manager as 

Sebastien Bacher
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