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Subject: [Unity-design] What do we do with the file manager?
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, this has already been discussed like countless of
time already and stuff, however a decision has not been reached, which is
bit worrying.
Lets face it - there are a lot of choices out there, but none of them are
Nautilus 3.4 is the safest bet out there (feature and stability wise),
however it has that horrid chopped down right sided toolbar and the back
and forward on the right and neither of those two are even remotely good
Nautilus 3.6 is pretty, however it is terrible chopped down feature wise
and doesn't fit Ubuntu and Unity at all (super-menu and no menubar, hence
no appmenu => no HUD, light toolbar (and all other apps have dark ones).
Nemo is the new kid on the block and that's pretty much all that's known
about it.
Marlin is the prettiest file manager there is out there, however it does
lack stability (and maybe a features - MAYBE) and *needs **a lot* manpower.
last, but not least there is this patched version of Nautilus 3.4 -
that could as well do the trick. It has full-width toolbar and back and
back and forward on left.
*Personally *I am in favour of investing time and manpower in Marlin.
Surely that's biting the bullet and it is bit risky, but it could pay off
big time :)
So, what do you say? :P

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