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Davor davor.buday at
Thu Nov 24 01:23:28 UTC 2011

Keyboard shortcuts have recently been the subject of discussion after the  
statement that unity requires "heavy mouse use". After few days i must  
In Gnome menu you needed 2 clicks and few seconds to start any application  
- Unity takes clicks and time.
You cannot put all of them into launcher (you can - know what i  
And there are some of them, not very suitable for launcher, that i  
frequently use like gedit, calculator, or terminal and things like program  


I'm not too enthusiastic about using the keyboard shortcuts for two major  
- it is not convenient for touch screens
- if I have to use two hands for keyboard shortcut, I must let go the  
mouse and take my eyes off the screen

Mouse is much more appropriate for gui navigation.
As an inveterate Opera user I recalled mouse gestures:

Maybe something like that could bring Unity closer to users.

There is middle click unused. Or Right doubleclick. Or holding left, and  
then right click - and variations. Then combine it with scroller. Separate  
behaviours in empty space and window area or launcher area.

There should be easy mouse gesture for workspace switcher, windows  
switcher and other window controls. Show desktop (and restore windows on  
same gesture) too.
Can window be grabbed with mouse and throwed onto next workspace?


But that does not solves quicker application access. There are not two  
panels anymore, so i suggest CUSTOM DASH. Holder where you can put your  
application starters "not very suitable for launcher"(like gedit),  
indicators (wheather, system, classic menu), favourite folders shortcuts  
and files you`re currently working on.
Custom dash should be very easily started with mouse from window or empty  
area or from launcher.
Starters, files and folders should have right click option "add to custom  
dash" (or magic dash or...) - which opens custom dash with desired  
shortcut ready on mouse cursor, so you can place it where you want it.
It could be transparent area like dash is, that opens in window -not full  
screen- so when you leave that area it closes down (no need for two clicks  
if you change your mind).


Settins are now in one place, and i like it...
...but i don`t think they belong in launcher - they should be part of dash  
(below with home, apps, files and music).


Davor Buday

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