Default Music Player in Ubuntu 12.04

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Mon Nov 21 21:28:12 UTC 2011

Le 21/11/2011 07:44, Jason Warner a écrit :
> Hi Everyone -
> Thank you all for sending feedback[1][2][3] on the default music 
> player for 12.04. It is clear the right decision for 12.04 is to make 
> Rhythmbox the default music player. Thank you, above all else, for 
> keeping the conversation cordial and making the decision about what is 
> best for Ubuntu.

Hey Jason,

I think that discussion is lacking a bit of "why" and "how", we didn't 
do a very good job at exposing the issues and the motivations there I 
think nor to put a plan in place for the switch. When we switched the 
default email client we had several milestones during the cycle and the 
decision pending on those, could we maybe try to ponder what are the 
challenges there and define what we would want to see from both 
softwares during the cycle (or from rhythmbox rather since that the one 
"trying to get in") and how we validate of those are good enough or not? 
I would like at least to see regulars tarballs for rhythmbox, signs that 
usability issues are being worked and that stability measured through 
users feedback and bugs reports is matching what we want, what do you think?

Sebastien Bacher

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