Tomboy Notes and Ubuntu One note integration in Precise Pangolin

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Tue Nov 8 17:33:20 UTC 2011

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> On 08/11/2011 17:08, Robert Nordan wrote:
> > Since the news came out of UDS that Tomboy Notes was probably being
> > dropped from the default install, I'd like to ask what this means for
> > the U1 integration? U1 Notes has been designed around using Tomboy
> > Notes a the local editor, and it seems a bit silly to offer a U1
> > service that can't be used from a default install. (Short of going to
> > the website to edit, which negates the whole advantage of the U1
> > system.)
> I actually seem to recall there being some work done on an Ubuntu One
> auto-installer of some sort by default, meaning that you can't actually
> use Ubuntu One until you run the installer anyway.

So... In order to activate something which it is hoped as many as possible will log in to and use (I also seem to remember talk of UQ integration with the login manager in the future), you'll have to download at least one program? That makes it practically a default program, only you have to download it instead of getting it off the CD.

> But this does bring up another question: Are Ubuntu users expected not
> to need to take notes, or is GNote going to be installed by default
> instead if Tomboy is dropped?

GNote can't fill the U1 notes role because it doesn't have working note sync. 

> I believe both Windows and Mac OS come with a sticky notes
> application/widget of sorts by default, and it would be a shame to have
> Ubuntu lose out on this.
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> Kind regards,
> Loong Jin

I really feel that it sounds like the guys in that UDS session made their decisions without doing their research first regarding Ubuntu One. :-\

/Robert N
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