Sporadic UI halts on Meerkat Netbook - how to debug

Milan Bouchet-Valat nalimilan at club.fr
Tue Oct 5 10:25:23 BST 2010

Le mardi 05 octobre 2010 à 10:51 +0200, frederik.nnaji at gmail.com a
écrit :
> AIUI todays default user interface to the linux kernel is a GUI, the
> DE in our case here.
> If the DE itself can not rely on a minimum of CPU and memory resources
> to be reserved for it, how can we assume that it will ever be reliable
> itself?
> It is easy to defer this problem to another list, but it is equally
> clear that this problem extends over all areas related to UI, DE or
> the underlying architectures..
There's nothing specially related to GUIs in this problem, I think
that's a bug in the kernel. So I'm not "deferring the problem to another
list", I'm just saying that there's no hope the desktop team will fix
it, and the only option is to discuss this with kernel developers. Have
a look at the bug report I linked to, and you'll see that's the only
guarantee to avoid talking with nobody listening...


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