Replace Shotwell (was F-Spot) with Solang?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Thu May 20 10:29:29 BST 2010

Le jeudi 20 mai 2010 à 03:38 -0400, Danny Piccirillo a écrit :
> If Solang
> proved itself in time for Maverick +1 i'm afraid it would be left out
> simply because we've already changed the default once recently. 


Do you work on solang? You seem to be pushing a lot for it. Robert did a
good summary for the reason for the choice. We will not revisit the
lucid discussion for different reasons:

- there is some way to go from non being in Ubuntu to being in the
default installation, if you care strongly about solang you should start
by trying to get it in universe so it can get testing. It's hard to give
the software  a try or review it as long as it's not available for our
- depending on tracker is a blocker, we had tracker activated by default
in previous ubuntu version but had to stop doing that due to the impact
it's having on system performances and io load. We will likely look at
the new tracker and evaluate it but we don't have ressources to spend on
it for lucid since it's not on our priority list. We do plan to get it
uptodate and working in universe though
- we can revisit our choice next cycle, we try to ship the best of what
is available in the opensource world in Ubuntu, if it turns that solang
is much better we will consider it next cycle

How does it look to you? Would you be wanting to work to get solang in
universe during this cycle, getting it and tracker updated in universe
would be a first good step to give it testing in Ubuntu

Sebastien Bacher

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