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Didier Roche wrote on 10/06/10 13:05:
> On jeu., 2010-06-10 at 10:12 +0100, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>> It might also make sense for recording/syncing the set of installed
>> packages to be accessible from Ubuntu Software Center, but *maybe*
>> only as a menu item that launches the Migration Assistant. What do you
>> think? Is there any other reason you'd want to record that kind of
>> list?
> Hum, do you think that should be in a separate window? I like USC as
> you designed it because it can morph on feature apps view, category
> view or history view. In my first idea, that would only be a new "view"
> like a category making it more integrated to Software Center.
> One use case can be:
> - it's been a month I've setup my netbook and my laptop, I've installed
> a lot of applications on one and the other. Now I want to see which
> applications I have on my netbook that I don't have on my laptop and
> the other way (to eventually get to a smaller list).
> so, it's not really a migration, like when I bzr branch and do criss
> cross merge, it's not a migration. Hence the fact I find this proposal
> less appealing.

Fair enough. With help from David Siegel, I've now completed a spec for
integrating this into Ubuntu Software Center.

I've specified the bare minimum for the feature to be useful, so you can
get it done for Maverick. If you get that much done and polished with
time to spare, let me know and I'll start adding items from the "Future
work" list.

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