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Didier Roche didrocks at
Thu Jun 10 13:05:04 BST 2010

On jeu., 2010-06-10 at 10:12 +0100, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
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> Hi Didier

Hey Matthew

> This is a combination of three bugs in Ubuntu Software Center.
> First, the "Installed Software" section is supposed to be a categorized
> list of all packages installed on the system. Currently, though, it is
> an uncategorized list of only the applications installed on the system.
> <>
> Second, a package (e.g. dia-gnome) that provides an application (e.g.
> Dia diagram editor) should not show up separately from that application.
> This works in most listings, but it fails in "Installed Software" search
> results. <>
> And third, in any listing that includes packages that do not provide an
> application (e.g. dia-libs, dia-common), those packages are supposed to
> be hidden by default inside a "NN other technical items" disclosure
> panel. Currently they're just shown by default.
> <>

tremolux showed me yesterday the recent improvement about showing only
the applications in Software-Center. I think I will just drop my
heuristic in OneConf (available at lp:oneconf) and go for it.

> If anyone would like to fix any of these things, I'd greatly appreciate
> it. :-)
> >> Do you know how Software Center decides which packages go into this
> >> list? I've looked at the source code (briefly) but I did not find
> >> much.  I'm sure a more thorough investigation would turn up more
> >> information but I'm not sure if it is worth the time since the list
> >> does not seem to be filtered how we want it to be.
> >...
> Why would you ask USC for this list? Why not ask apt or aptdaemon
> directly, something like "Give me a list of all installed packages that
> aren't dependencies of ubuntu-desktop".

Hem, I didn't wrote that, I guess it was Jason's question. Current
implementation of oneconf is already doing this in a good way (taking
all installed metapackage depends/recommends and only mark as
"interesting" the manually installed package not in this list)

> As for the interface for OneConf in general, this seems like it should
> be part of a standalone Migration Assistant for transferring your stuff
> to/from other computers (programs and files to/from Ubuntu, and files
> only to/from other OSes). The migration step in the Ubuntu installer
> would be an embedded subset of this overall feature.

Right, it triggers a lot of issues too, like synchronizing your
desktopcouch in the live installer, registering your ubuntu one account
and so on… I'm not sure that can be done in such short cycle. The design
of Migation Assistant already include it.

> It might also make sense for recording/syncing the set of installed
> packages to be accessible from Ubuntu Software Center, but *maybe* only
> as a menu item that launches the Migration Assistant. What do you think?
> Is there any other reason you'd want to record that kind of list?

Hum, do you think that should be in a separate window? I like USC as you
designed it because it can morph on feature apps view, category view or
history view. In my first idea, that would only be a new "view" like a
category making it more integrated to Software Center.

One use case can be:
- it's been a month I've setup my netbook and my laptop, I've installed
a lot of applications on one and the other. Now I want to see which
applications I have on my netbook that I don't have on my laptop and the
other way (to eventually get to a smaller list).
so, it's not really a migration, like when I bzr branch and do criss
cross merge, it's not a migration. Hence the fact I find this proposal
less appealing.

In case you didn't find my silly mockup done during UDS:

On the library side:
- all the underground library is done (syncing, making the diff,
protocol over dbus)
- I should just transition to software-center way of defining an
application (branch just merged yesterday IIRC) as OneConf currently as
it's own way
- mvo told me that he will implement the plugin system to
- waiting for your feedbacks :)


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