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Henrik null sphk2 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 17 11:40:34 BST 2010


My name is Henrik. I have almost two years of experience of 
object-oriented programming and feel comfortable with Java, C#/C++, 
Python, MATLAB, GTK and Java Swing. Next month I will start my education
 to Master of Science in Engeneering at the Royal Institute of Technology in 

I would like to contribute as a developer/programmer by writing code for a Ubuntu Desktop project. I could do anything from building a GUI to writing a class for a specific problem. I am hoping joining a Ubuntu Desktop project as a developer will improve my programming skills.

Have I posted in the right mailing list?
Are there any projects I can join?
Are there any tasks for me?

Yours sincerely
sphk2 at hotmail.com

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