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Didier Roche wrote on 30/06/10 21:25:
> On mer., 2010-06-30 at 18:06 +0100, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>> <>
> I just see some missing remarks and want to clarify them with you:
> - we just list there "items that aren't on this computer", but we can
> know as well additional software that has been removed on the remote
> compute and that are still there. Is it out of scope now?

I hadn't realized that was part of the use cases -- I was thinking more
about installation than removal.

> If we want to still get it from a design point of view, we can add a
> "2 items that are installed here, but not on David's Netbook" with a
> Remove all button.

Does that include only packages that were part of the default
installation on the other computer? Or does it include all packages that
were removed from the other computer, regardless of whether they were
part of the default installation?

The main challenge would be making any extra branch look like it
belonged, in a screen supposedly devoted to things that *are* installed.

> - I'm not clear about what "other items" should contain to be honest :)

Items that are installed both on that computer and this one. I.e.
everything that's common to both.

> - for item not available, we can say from which repository they were
> found. Will it be insane to tell something like "you can add <…>
> software source to be able to sync that software"

Sorry, I haven't had time to figure out how to present that
understandably. (David Siegel has just pointed out to me that even in
the single-computer case, we don't present "Use This Source" well for
items in the partner repository.)

> - What "Install All" is doing? Is it only installing applications or
> applications and technical items? there was some use case when I want
> to be able to sync on my netbook all my applications but not technical
> item.

I was thinking that it would depend on whether you'd clicked the "1417
other technical items" link. But if so, maybe that link should be a
toggle (click it again to hide the technical items), rather than
something that disappears when you click it. What do you think?

> We can maybe change the label to "install all including technical
> items" (or a better label, of course), when the user click on 1417
> other technical items to show that the install all changed?

Maybe the button label could just change to include the number: "Install
All 3" <-> "Install All 19".

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