Lucid changes to Firefox default search provider

petr bug petr.bug at
Fri Feb 5 18:16:02 GMT 2010

On 5 February 2010 16:53, David A. Cobb <superbiskit at> wrote:
> Above all, never never compromise the principle that the user is the one to
> say what her experience should look like -- no matter what marketing choices
> Canonical gets involved in.

In principle, user is in charge of ~1 million settings. Obviously user
cannot set everything, distro or upstream has to decide a defaults.
Why is this one an exception? Yahoo does searching, Google does
searching. Some people prefer one, some the other, many do not care.
The setting can be altered anyway on the usual place (Edit,
Preferences, quite discoverable).

Canonical will supposedly get some money which means we will get some
more/real features/fixes.

(I have a strong opinion on what version of GCC should be used. But
other programmers do not, they often do not even know what version
they are using. So I do not push anyone.)


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