Lucid changes to Firefox default search provider

David A. Cobb superbiskit at
Fri Feb 5 15:53:53 GMT 2010

  May I suggest, we could leave the choice entirely up to the user ( 
who, after all, is IN CHARGE ) by defaulting to a page like that in 
Epiphany Browser. "Welcome to Ubuntu." And, include on this page 
something like: "You can start browsing from a default search page. To 
do so, please choose: [ ] Google Search, [ ] Yahoo Search, [ ] Your 
personal home page [________]." With the JavaScript to set the default 
first page accordingly. If you want the user to only see this page once, 
just run the Script, with whatever default choice, from OnLoad.

Above all, never never compromise the principle that the user is the one 
to say what her experience should look like -- no matter what marketing 
choices Canonical gets involved in.

David A. Cobb -- computing t-rex

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