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Hi Ratul,

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> Hi all,
> I am not quite sure if this is the way to express my concern.
> I have met a lot of people who complains that they have a lot of windows
> open at a time and find it difficult to navigate among them.
> ALT+TAB is a great way, but you need a linear search (and reading all of
> them) there. One suggestion I had was to use some plugin of compiz that
> wroks with "show all open windows" and then searching with auto-complete
> search box. Compiz is not a solution anyway.
> My query is, is there any application (light enough) like gnome-do that
> does it properly? If there is not is it advisable that one should try to
> make one?
> Thanks,

perhaps ask the Zeitgeist guys, they just came up with an ultra-fast
semantic GNOME-Do like thingy, called Synapse.
Your suggestion sounds interesting, and may bear fruit..
In German we say: "Fragen kostet nichts", which means, it doesn't cost you
anything, to ask! ;)
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