software-center and remove vs. purge

Andrew rugby471 at
Tue Dec 7 16:48:53 GMT 2010

On 07/12/10 16:10, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hello Michael,
> thanks for the nice summary!
> Michael Vogt [2010-12-07 10:13 +0100]:
>> Its difficult to tell programmatically what is going to happen when
>> the maintainer script is called with "purge" as this is a shell
>> script. Our tools can estimate what amount of data the configuration
>> file was using (and even if the user ever modified it or not) but not
>> what additional steps the maintainer script will take
> I don't think it's that easy. You can only do that with conffiles, but
> not with configuration files, or even data files in /var/lib (think
> about PostgreSQL -- purging will take your entire database into the
> void).
> I don't think this behaviour would be entirely unexpected, though. If
> you "remove" a database, then I don't think it's totally surprising
> that this also cleans up your data, but as you say for those 1% it's
> better to be safe than sorry.
>> That being said I think we should make it easy for the user to access
>> the purge functionality both inside software-center and
>> computer-janitor.
> I like that idea, too.
> Thanks,
> Martin

Whilst the idea below has nothing to do with the technical side of
things, I wanted to show my idea for how it would be done in the GUI.

Here ( ) is a screenshot of my idea.
It is similiar to the widget for
Shuffle Control used in Banshee's toolbar.

If you click on the right of the button, it would offer a menu, to
select remove or purge. Then if you click on the left it would behave as
a button and do the action.

I am not proposing the wording I have used in the screenshot but rather
the way to go about it :)


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