want to contribute

Milan Bouchet-Valat nalimilan at club.fr
Wed Oct 14 22:32:09 BST 2009

I've no idea of how familiar you are with GNOME coding (GLib, GTK+,
Glade, D-BUS...), nor if you have time to learn all that stuff, but I'd
be glad to "mentor" you if you want to help with the gnome-system-tools,
that are the tools used to manage Users and Groups, Time, Shares
(optional), Services (removed in Karmic, for now at least). We plan to
rework the user interface of users-admin, so if you like that kind of
work... Just mail me if you want, I'll give you more details


And more generally:

But you can also pick a package that you find interesting, and see if
people need help (we always do!), or participate in the One Hundred
Paper Cut program, which is about fixing simple but annoying bugs
(see https://launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts).


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