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Rick Spencer wrote on 03/03/09 18:53:
> === Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje) ===
>  * call with Alexander Sack about the fontconfig package:
>   * the fontconfig package continues to set a basic desktop setting
>   * the font packages should be updated to set fontconfig settings
> depending on the font and pixel size used. This affects hinting, hinting
> style and anti-aliasing settings
>   * asac will try to dig through the gnome font settings code and add a
> checkbox "Use system settings", which will use fontconfig's settings
> instead of Gnome's

"Excuse me, ma'am, I've set the font rendering to 'Best shapes', is that

"I don't know, what are the other choices?"

"'Monochrome', 'Best contrast', 'Subpixel smoothing', and 'Use system

"'Use system settings'? What does that mean?"

"For you, ma'am, it means 'Subpixel smoothing'."

"But 'Subpixel smoothing' is one of the other options you just gave me,
isn't it?"

"Yes, it is."


"So ... why did you offer it with two different names? Were you trying
to trick me?"

"Not at all. That's just the one we recommend for you, so we want to
make it twice as likely that you'll choose it."

"Oh, for heaven's sake. You could have just *told* me that you recommend
it ... But wait a minute. If you recommend 'Subpixel smoothing' for me,
why on earth did you set it to 'Best shapes' to start with?"

"I'm terribly sorry, ma'am, one of my other personalities was dominant
when I did that."

<longer pause>

"Your ... other ... personalities?"

"Yes, ma'am, that was my 'Gnome' personality. Right now I'm in my
'fontconfig' personality."

"You have the personality of a gnome? ... No, wait, don't bother
answering that question. I'm leaving."

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