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Wed Jun 24 07:37:48 BST 2009

Rick Spencer [2009-06-23 17:00 -0700]:
> == X Update ==
>  * We are ahead of curve on merges

Good job!

>    * 2107 total open X bugs; this is high but the rate of open growth
> bugs has leveled off, compared with the post-Jaunty period.
>      * -nvidia and -intel are where most bug growth has occurred.
>    * Kernel updates have solved nearly all -intel problems on Jaunty.


>    * KMS on -intel is ready to switch on by default.  -ati / -nouveau
> WIP.

With those fixes in place now, would it make sense to do a mass bug
reply/set to "needsinfo" after alpha-3 to have people confirm that
their bug is still present on alpha3? This will probably allow us to
close a lot of them, and time out the ones without response, and might
be much faster than waiting for all reporters to close them by

>  * xorg-edgers is proving itself, both for testing of various KMS bits,
> and avoiding potential regressions in proposed updates.[0].

I have run them for pretty much entire Karmic without a lot of
problems, and if there are some, it's easy to temporarily revert back
to the Karmic version. I'd like to ask more people to run it,
especially the folks which do have video problems still.


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