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2009/6/17 Nordin Ingenieur <lidmaatschap at>
> For example, a year ago my brother ... get his wireless networkcard working.

I estimate your brother's card has neither free nor proprietary driver.
Unfortunately this case is not diagnosed to user (so he/she will
wonder what work remains to be done by an user) and should user do
(e.g. whine to manufacturer and and search net).

> Why aren't we still able to get "simple" things done on Linux. ...

Yes, Linux usability can be improved and yes, I think that the same
effort invested in polishing things (instead of adding features)
brings more users.

> Instead of clicking the Application menu or System menu or others, I thought by clicking ... or the left and the right button together

This maneuver is called "chording" and requires good motor skills. It
is undesired. (Gnome HIG: "Do not require the use of chording
(pressing multiple mouse buttons simultaneously) for any operations.")

If users without a middle button do have (discoverable) way to invoke
the menu, then no problem. (Or if we throw these user over board.)

> of the mouse a menu pops up. The menu looks like the menu we see in most mobilephones, like an Ericsson K700. The first appearance contains Application, Settings, Administration, Next etc... Next to the menu we have something like a list which contains recent started applications, recent documents etc.... But if we select for example the Application button, we than get several applications, if there is to many apps, we'll find also the next button scrol for more. The list next to it will change too and shows recent things, or other handy stuff, to start things quicker.
> We can give it a very cool style like 3D and some eyecandy look of the menu, making it a bit transparent etc... I hope to have some drawing examples this weeken to show you so you get an idea of it. What can we reach with that? At least it's very userfriendly, I mean the concept is from the mobilephone menu, which can be easily understood and used by just a simple primitive mini joystick. So even people who never used a computer before, can simply use this style to work with Linux. Another thing is, you don't have to move a lot with the mouse. Just stay in the middel of the screen. But what about multi-touchscreen supported Linux? Even farmers with thick fingers will work very well and very easy if he used a mobile before. You do that cool moves with you finger to move the menu to the next, while the menu is moving like a cubus (like Compiz Fusion style, but much smaller ofcourse).
> So the idea is, if people don't have difficulties with using a mobilephone menu, than Linux won't be difficult too!
> I have no experience in programming such a menu on Desktop level and that's because I don't have time for it. So I hope you like this idea and so you might consider to start a project to develop.
> What do you think about it?

(If I understood it correctly) there is a suggestion to add
possibility to open Application, Settings, Administration menus
anywhere (or anywhere on desktop wallpaper?). And perhaps remove the
existing always-visible menu?

If the existing always-visible menu is removed then I do not know how
and when to tell user how to invoke the menu.

Different mobile phones have different user interface and the user
interface is still evolving, so the operation will not be familiar to
other people. Computers have more interaction options, which might be
better exploited in this use case.

Also, since the middle button would be used by environment, it would
not be available to applications. (Although Gnome HIG recommends "Do
not assign any actions exclusively to the middle button" it is  useful
in some cases.)


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