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Wed Jun 17 21:00:01 BST 2009

> This maneuver is called "chording" and requires good motor skills. It
> is undesired. (Gnome HIG: "Do not require the use of chording
> (pressing multiple mouse buttons simultaneously) for any operations.")
> If users without a middle button do have (discoverable) way to invoke
> the menu, then no problem. (Or if we throw these user over board.)

Well if not with the mouse, we can do it with the keyboard, and use the
"start" button instead.
Like Compiz Fusion, we attach i.e. the Start-button to show or hide the

> (If I understood it correctly) there is a suggestion to add
> possibility to open Application, Settings, Administration menus
> anywhere (or anywhere on desktop wallpaper?). And perhaps remove the
> existing always-visible menu?

Yes, just like Compiz Fusion. If you are surfing the web with Firefox, you
can pop up the menu just by clicking the start-button. Since Microsoft
managed to have almost all keyboard in the world to have a Start-button, we
can use it for the menu purpose.

> If the existing always-visible menu is removed then I do not know how
> and when to tell user how to invoke the menu.

Tell the user to push on the Start-button (we call it from now on

> Different mobile phones have different user interface and the user
> interface is still evolving, so the operation will not be familiar to
> other people. Computers have more interaction options, which might be
> better exploited in this use case.

Sorry, I'm not agree with you about that. If someone just only knows he has
to push on the Menu-button, than the rest speaks of them self. I mean a user
totally unfamiliar with computers sees a menu in front of his nose, than
it's not hard for him to try to click on the Application-icon, or another
icon. If he gets nervous, he just click on the back button of the
menu-interface. Most mobilephones simply work that way, almost every
mobilephone has a button for menu, the rest of it is obvious.

> Also, since the middle button would be used by environment, it would
> not be available to applications. (Although Gnome HIG recommends "Do
> not assign any actions exclusively to the middle button" it is  useful
> in some cases.)

Well, than we use our Menu-button instead :)

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