Gthumb as default image viewer?

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Thu Jul 2 10:15:55 BST 2009

On gio, 2009-07-02 at 10:00 +0200, Alex Launi wrote:
>         Also it has one huge drawback: it saves all the pictures in a
>         folder structure based on months and dates. This makes it
>         really hard to browse a F-Spot archive from the filesystem or
>         from any other image viewer.
> I agree. This is really annoying. 

It would be very nice if f-spot could just open an image or a folder and
in both cases act like its "temporary collection" is the folder itself.
This would join the power of f-spot and the ease of use of eog or
gthumb. And the same could be said of the other big duplicate, banshee
vs. totem. 


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