Please Comment: Proposal to change the name of Applications -> Add/Remove...

Jonas Jørgensen jj at
Sun Jan 18 12:21:10 GMT 2009

2009/1/15 Oliver Grawert <ogra at>:
> imho this feature (and its naming as well as its design) is one of the
> most powerful UIs we have in ubuntu.
> Add/Remove was initially designed to refer to the menu and intrestingly
> my completely computer illiterate 75 year old mother instantly
> understands that she can add and remove applications to/from her menu
> with it, it reflects the menu in so many places that she really gets the
> purpose ...
> i doubt she would have that thorough understanding from an opaque name
> like "software library"

I have to disagree... "Add/Remove" doesn't really shout "Hey, there's
thousands of free programs for you right here!" in the same way that
something like "Software Library" does.

I'm sure what your mother wants isn't really "to add an application",
but rather just "an application". There's a difference. Why bother
users with terminology related to _adding_ software, instead of just
focusing on the software itself (rather than the action of adding it)?
"Here's a lot of software!" versus "Here's a tool for finding


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