Please Comment: Proposal to change the name of Applications -> Add/Remove...

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Thu Jan 15 19:10:51 GMT 2009

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 7:29 PM, Rick Spencer
<rick.spencer at> wrote:
> All -
> A proposal has been put forward to change the name of the
> "Add/Remove..." menu item.
> Problem:
> Platforms such as iPhone and Android have given users the expectation
> that there is a "place" that they can to in order to install new
> software. Ubuntu has good functionality for this, but the name
> "Add/Remove..." is not in line with users' expectations because it isn't
> a "place".
> Solution:
> Change the name of "Add/Remove..." to "Software Library".
> Thoughts?
> Cheers, Rick

Thoughts? This is a non-issue. The way it is now is completely
understandable to most users. I don't think Ubuntu should be
influenced by design decisions in a single phone (iPhone) and a niche
(for now) phone platform. In my opinion, it is borderline ridiculous.
This would be change just for the sake of change. I hope you will be
able to explain that to documentation writers, translators and those
who provide Ubuntu training courses, because the "place" rationale is
far from being enough to warrant any change at all. I would suggest
focusing on things that are really broken.

               Tomasz Dominikowski

Tomasz Dominikowski
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