Meeting item: FUSA, passwords vs. session saving

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Fri Feb 27 18:43:58 GMT 2009

On Fri, 27 Feb 2009 18:15:38 +0000
Ted Gould <ted at> wrote:

> I feel like today we're given the choice between two bugs:
>   * Don't allow restart/shutdown to work with multiple users

This will slightly inconvenience the user trying to shutdown the
machine. I would expect that an user that has the power to shutdown a
machine would also have the power to shutdown it from a
terminal/console, and give the users a bit of time to save work/log out.

>   * Don't save sessions on restart/shutdown

This potentially causes loss of work and certainly loss of current

So, I guess, for me the choice is the last one. Of course, nothing
prohibits the "admin" user to 'shutdown -h now', with the very same
losses. But -- and this is important -- it is *not* Ubuntu causing it.

Just a personal view.



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