Meeting item: FUSA, passwords vs. session saving

Rick Spencer rick.spencer at
Fri Feb 27 18:28:15 GMT 2009

On 02/27/2009 10:15 AM, Ted Gould wrote:
> Hello,
> Chris provided a patch for using PolicyKit and ConsoleKit in the FUSA
> applet that makes it so that if multiple people are logged in, you can
> get a password dialog, and shutdown the system.  The way that this works
> is that it asks ConsoleKit for the shutdown and restart actions and if
> they need a password asks PolicyKit to handle it.
> One of the things that this changes is that we're shutting down using
> ConsoleKit instead of asking GDM to do the shutdown for us.  This means
> that we're not logging out of the session, and doing the equivalent to
> "sudo shutdown -h now" on the command line.  So, if the session manager
> supports saving sessions it won't, as we're not even asking it to.
> This obviously isn't great.  But, this is fixed in the new GDM as it
> will use DBus and so we can get the PK messages from the request to GDM,
> and we can again start asking GDM to do the shutdown/restart for us.
> But, that's a solution for Karmic.
> I feel like today we're given the choice between two bugs:
>   * Don't allow restart/shutdown to work with multiple users
>   * Don't save sessions on restart/shutdown
> I guess I'm writing this to see if anyone has any ideas.  Anyone?
> Perhaps we should discuss these two during the desktop meeting on
> Tuesday?  I'm kinda thinking about going with the password dialog, but I
> think this shouldn't be an individual decision.
> 		--Ted
Thanks Ted. I'll add this to the agenda.

Cheers, Rick

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