Google Chromium In Lucid

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Sun Dec 13 23:20:35 GMT 2009

The point I would like to bring forward is Chrome is here and its here to  

For reasons I am not aware Google choose not use an existing product such  
as Firefox. But they did decide to develop and support Chrome as Open  

In my opinion this is a very big win for Open Source and I certainly  
applaud Google for making that decision.

I do not know what this means for the Mozilla community but I do not  
believe being "pro" Chrome is the same as being "con" Firefox.

The decision to replace Firefox with Chrome as the default browser should  
be made with respect to what is best for Ubuntu. We can not be afraid of  
change. As Open Source is about choice folks can always install an  
alternate if that is their desire.

As to the point stability. I've been using Chrome from the Launchpad PPA  
for weeks and it works well enough I have not felt compelled to abandon it.

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