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Sun Dec 13 00:24:52 GMT 2009

Firefox's biggest issue in Ubuntu, for me, has always been its integration. Sure, its UI looks like it uses GTK+ now, (and big kudos for that) but it doesn't _feel_ like GTK+.  Meanwhile file and uri handling is done in Firefox's own way; the browser has no interest in the standards that Freedesktop and others have put so much effort into producing.

Chromium, on the other hand, uses GTK. The main browser window doesn't look like GTK usually does, but it feels like a GTK app and all the other windows use it. It knows about standards, including how to add to the main menu properly. Files and uris are always opened with the correct application according to desktop-wide settings. It is aware of GNOME's tools for proxy stuff. Even better, it isn't burdened by crazy branding legalese. (In fairness, Chrome would be, but there is less need and less expectation to ship that vs. Chromium).

I would also like to see Chromium by default (or at least seriously considered) in the near future. It would make Ubuntu a smoother, more predictable and more consistent experience, greatly improving the out of the box experience for our users.

Dylan McCall
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