Google Chromium In Lucid

Aaron Whitehouse lists at
Sun Dec 13 00:17:50 GMT 2009

Hello all,

Danny Piccirillo wrote:
> I'm an 100% in support of this. It's really time to be using webkit over
> Mozilla's gecko and Chromium lets us do so without almost no draw backs
> from Firefox. 
> On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 18:31, John Baer <baerjj at 
>     IMO Ubuntu should adopt Chrome as the default browser.

While I realise this could well turn into a lengthy argument with no
resolution, I wanted to stick up for the pro-Firefox side for both
practical and ideological reasons.

Personally I think Ubuntu should continue to support Firefox, which is a
non-profit organisation that has always (in my opinion) acted only with
furthering the open web in mind (with the one caveat of the issue over
copyright in the logos).

Google, by contrast, is a huge company that already has a huge amount of
power and a lot of vested interests (search engine, YouTube etc).  While
I realise that a lot of Mozilla's revenue currently comes from Google, I
would prefer to back a non-profit with fewer vested interests.  As one
example, Google included H.264 support in its HTML5 implementation,
which would no doubt save Google money on YouTube (if widely adopted),
but is not in the interests of the open web.

More practically, Firefox has finally grown to a market share that
developers test their websites and applications against it.  Unless
there is a good reason, I don't think that Ubuntu should go back to a
browser with minimal market share.

I am certain many will disagree and I support Google's open approach to
developing an innovative web browser -- I just support Mozilla Firefox more.



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