Call for Lucid testing: GTK enhancements

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at
Sat Dec 12 00:18:28 GMT 2009

On Friday 11 December 2009 11:57:06 pm Adam Petaccia wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-12-08 at 13:44 -0500, Ken VanDine wrote:
> > Hello Desktoppers!
> >
> > The Ayatana team has been working on some GTK enhancements for Lucid.
> > Adding support for Client Side window decorations and enabling RGBA
> > color maps by default.  We have uploaded a patched version of gtk which
> > adds these features to the ~ubuntu-desktop team PPA (along with a needed
> > fix for nautilus to go along with it).
> >
> > The new decorations feature requires explicit support from a theme
> > before it becomes active (it defaults to being disabled). However, RGBA
> > support is enabled by default and there is a chance for some fallout
> > from this being added.
> Can you provide the names or links to these themes? I know murrine
> (murrine-themes) provides some RGBA support, but I don't know which
> which themes necessarily enable it by default. But I don't know anything
> about this decorations feature.

We haven't gotten that far yet! The initial rgba code was for testing and I 
think we've received a good response so far. The real changes are in gtk, not 
in the theme engine itself (outside of the extra definitions which become 
possible through these changes). The murrine rgba support is amazing, but 
something completely different than what we are discussing here. This change 
enables us to offer rgba support per widget class, something completely new and 

Understand that this effort is not about expanding a theme engine but about 
changing gtk itself (which changes what theme engines can offer). It is a much 
more substantial effort than one would assume.

I've been running this stuff on my laptop and have noticed problems with 
nautilus but I don't think it is anything we cannot fix. Wide-spread testing 
has identified some other issues which need to be fixed but all in all I think 
that we are progressing well.

We need to make sure it works without the rgba bits turned on beforehand - so 
far that testing is going well :) Consider this the pre-alpha release of some 
code we really need to test quickly and thoroughly at a very pre-release 

Adding the important bits to the theme is simple, once we decide how :p


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