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Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Fri Oct 10 23:30:41 BST 2008

Thomas Thurman wrote:
> Ysgrifennodd Kenneth Wimer:
>> I think that if we replaced the aging themes we could, in their place, include 
>> a couple of interesting new ones. I think users would get much more out of 
>> being able to select a modern sexy theme. In this way we offer our default 
>> theme, accessability themes and a few beautiful, sexy themes.
> Do you have any appropriately-licensed beautiful, sexy themes you want 
> to contribute to upstream?  I'm quite happy to consider them.
>> I realize that the upstream issue is important but I wonder what gnome is 
>> thinking when they offer "glider" or "crux" as a modern theme for their 
>> users.
> Nobody's suggested taking them out yet.  If you want to suggest taking them 
> out, the usual way is buying the maintainers a beer^W^W^W^W^W raising a bug.

A beer is the solution to many problems!

I hope there's room for creative differences without ruffling feathers.
I'm determined we offer the standard GNOME theme portfolio in main, but
also keen to make sure that the initial set of themes has a consistent
look and feel.

Thomas, has there been any discussion about creating a standardised
online repo of themes, with dynamic access from the appearance manager?
Then we could highlight the standard GNOME themes there.

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