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Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Thu Oct 9 23:05:05 BST 2008

Le jeudi 09 octobre 2008 à 22:54 +0200, Martin Pitt a écrit :
> We do, Debian is currently at the hardy version. That's actually the
> least of my concerns, too (building a new binary package is still
> relatively cheap), I'm more worried about the bad press we'd get from
> upstream and whoever else.


the changes over debian are not too much of an issue, but we do try to
sync once every cycle their changes to lower the delta and benefit of
what they did, and extra changes means some extra work for us there.
that doesn't stop us to make changes we want to do but that's just
something we try to consider before doing packaging changes
that said I agree that having a rational for the change to point to
upstream and users who will ask why we dropped those GNOME themes would
be useful. the current list of themes is not really crowded and adding
some nice ones could be a good move but just dropping those to not list
other choices doesn't seem something which will really benefit users

Sebastien Bacher

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