Desktop team meeting/weekly report, 2008-10-09

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Thu Oct 9 16:03:39 BST 2008

== Present ==

 * Martin Pitt (pitti) - chair
 * Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
 * Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)
 * Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
 * Michael Vogt (mvo)

## list additional participants here

 * Ted Gould (tedg)
 * Colin Watson
 * Scott Kitterman

== Apologies ==

 * Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) -- conference
 * Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) -- doctor

== Agenda ==

 * Outstanding actions from last meeting
 * Resolution of bug #274146
 * Ken: revert ubuntu-sounds
 * Ken: gnome-themes cleanup
 * Sponsoring Overview update
 * Release Status
 * Review activity reports
 * Any other business

== Outstanding actions from last meeting ==

 * seb128 to propose three options for #274146 -- ''done''

== Actions from this meeting ==

 * Michael to upload upgrade notification based panel gconf updating for bug #274146

== Resolution of bug #274146 (f-u-s-a migration on upgrade) ==

After some discussion we finally decided on an interactive and user-decided, but automatic upgrade approach. Michael already has a prototype which just needs some adaptions, and agreed to work on this as soon as possible. The details are in the latest [[|bug comment]].

== ubuntu-sounds reversion ==

Ken announced that Mark wants us to revert ubuntu-sounds to the hardy version. The new sound theme allegedly sounds too similar to Windows Vista's. This raised some concerns about the rather intransparent way such kind of decisions are taken right now, but we generally understand that this is a SABDFL-ism.

== gnome-themes split ==

There is a proposal from Ken on the ubuntu-desktop@ mailing list about removing some stale themes from `gnome-themes` and shipping them in a separate package which is only installed on upgrades.

Martin and Seb raised concerns that these are an official part of GNOME, and upstream will not remove them anytime soon (they even did a theme cleanup a while ago), and would actually be angry at us for crippling it. It would also impose a rather pointless delta in Ubuntu which we'd need to maintain.

Martin agreed to followup on the ML, CC'ing Mark, and raise the concerns.

== Sponsoring ==

Martin reminded everyone to mention their sponsored packages in their activity report, which wasn't done for this week's. There are a couple of desktop related sponsoring items which we ought to do quickly.

== Release status ==

Martin raised some desktop related Intrepid-RC bugs which need work:

 * [[|g-p-m suspends again right after resume]]: Ted says it is generally on track, and a fallout of the new key handling in X. He has a test package which tries to work around this, and it got some testing with mixed results already.

 * [[|failed to upgrade: "update-xmlcatalog: error: entity already registered"]]: No assignee, Martin agreed to look into it
 * [[|replace scrollkeeper with rarian on upgrade]]: Seb says it is an easy dependendy change which he will do along with the 2.24.1 upgrades.

 * [[|nautilus-share not notifying about required session restarting]]: We agreed on how a solution should look like and posted it to the bug report; Seb will ask in the community if there is someone interested to work on this, or do it himself, or if there's no time, come back to Martin to find another resource

 * [[|kdebluetooth does not work any more with bluez 0.4 stack]]: apparently this wasn't tested on KDE while it was still in PPA and call for testing. There was no resolution in the meeting.

 * Unavailability of current language packs, which is a particular problem for KDE: The major blocker here is the utter slowness of Rosetta exports. Martin talked with Arne, and agreed on a plan how to get reasonably current language packs over the weekends, by manually combining the latest full and delta export from Rosetta.

== Activity reports ==

=== Jonathan Riddell (Riddell) ===

 * Add devel-distribution upgrade feature to update-notifier-kde
 * Patch Adept in hardy to not prompt for intrepid upgrade
 * tech board meeting, new core-dev for kubuntu yay
 * kde-l10n 4.1.2 upload
 * review and upload kdegraphics, previously broken by upstream
 * test and upload various patches to adept
 * make kipi co-installable with KDE 3 version
 * fix crash and refresh in printer-applet
 * discuss logout dialogue patch to ksmserver with upstream, they're happy for it to be commited to KDE
 * various fixes to kubuntu-docs and update casper to make them work with KDE 4 on live CD
 * Port verifyInstalledLangPacks to Qt frontend of language-selector
 * Add libqca2-plugin-ossl to seed, refresh meta package
 * check and upload packaging improvements to qtjambi, update-notifier-kde, qt4-x11
 * test and sync new libical

 * investigate if anything can be done to fix bluetooth, I really wish people wouldn't upload major infrastructure changes without testing if they break the applications which use them
 * investigate if KDE 4 picks up system locale

 * no recent language packs yet so I've no idea if translations are working with KDE and rosetta

=== Kenneth Wimer (kwwii) ===

 * panel bg (two pics attached, gconf must be set to stretch both panels)
 * wallpapers (last ideas attached)
 * gnome theme package should be spit in two
 * icon theme work and gtk/metacity theme (fixing various bugs in Human and the dark theme - still need new name)
 * ubuntu-sounds needs to be reverted if it is not already done! I mailed Luke, who put the package in, as well as pinged pitti, seb, and mvo on irc.

=== Martin Pitt (pitti) ===

Assigned Intrepid specs:
 * intrepid-device-permissions: implemented
 * gdm-guest-account: implemented
 * jockey-printer-driver-support: implemented

Currently open intrepid targeted bugs:
 * #262811 (mv for symlinks is not atomic): cursory review showed some weirdness in the supplied patch, no time to look into this yet

Other non-chores work done:
 * Helped with beta release management
 * Lots of bug fixing
 * Tried ekiga 3.0 test packages; they need heavy work before they would be suitable for intrepid
 * Tried to track down the spontaneous X failures (I suddenly get a completely white, black, or brown screen) by downgrading various pieces of the system one by one. No real luck yet, though, but it's really frustrating.

 * envyng-{gtk,qt,core}, gpaint, hal, pbuilder, new nvidia driver from Alberto

=== Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) ===

No report received, at conference this week.

=== Michael Vogt (mvo) ===

Short week, Friday was a public holiday and I was on vacation monday.

Release upgrades:
 * Debug/fix nvidia detector crash on upgrade, review upgrade logs of nvidia users
 * debug possilbe race between apt.cron.daily and update-manager (LP: #277079)
 * debug/report ghc6 gtk2 upgrade failure
 * update-manager bug triage
 * remaster alternate CD so that I have a test CD without Packages files but Release file with packages files * discuss kde4 upgrade issue with scottk
 * work on python implementation of apt-cdrom add work around the problem that the hardy version is unhappy if the uncompressed Packages files are missing on the CD
 * trying to reproduce a samba upgrade failure by silbs

 * merge fixes for 0.7.8 from RAOF
 * add RAOF to the compiz team
 * test upgrade on i965 system to test video playback issue
 * debug compiz screensaver problem (no fix yet)
 * looking into window decoration problem with Hew

 * mail
 * bug triage
 * merge control center changes from alberto
 * debug apt https failure to connect to turned out to be a gnutls issue not dealing with out-of-order certs. elmo came to the rescue
 * another fix lp:~mvo/debian-cd/mvo to deal with the CD without (uncompressed) Packages files

Milestoned bugs:
 * 277079   Possible race condition with the apt.cron.daily job
 * 278112   Screensaver doesn't start
 * 275744   Intrepid: Compiz settings selector blanks although the setting selected still functions
 * 257947   After install of 8.10 alpha 4 Firefox opens with tool bar under top panel.
 * 276349   intrepid alternate CD make apt print out a warning

=== Sebastien Bacher (seb128) ===

 * intrepid beta testing
 * lot of desktop bugs triage
 * desktop bugs fixing and GNOME updates

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