Unmounting removable devices

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Wed Nov 12 09:20:54 GMT 2008

Hi James,

James Westby [2008-11-11 14:09 -0500]:
> The messages apparently come from gnome-mount, but are only shown in
> some cases from what I can see.

Ah, indeed. No gnome-mount when a device is ripped out.

> I have a 20 line python script that implements what I would like by
> hooking up gio and libnotify. 

Hm, it sounds as if that were a daemon which would need to run all the
time? IMHO having a permanenlty running python blob for just this task
is a bit too heavy. Or is it just producing the notification? Then
using the binary in libnotify-bin might be sufficient, and avoids
dynamic linking (although I don't think that it hurts to link nautilus
against libnotify).

> I'm looking for somewhere appropriate to put it. nautilus may be
> appropriate, but I'm having a bit of trouble seeing how to use their
> particular brand of gtk+.

Is that any special? My gut feeling is that adding it to nautilus is
appropriate, since it already listens to gio/hal events and thus can
easily detect the hal "device removed" event, too. It could then just
either use libnotify or libnotify-bin to produce the notification.

> I wondered if it could be done as a nautilus extension, but that
> doesn't look feasible from the little documentation that I could
> find.

I'm afraid I don't know anything about nautilus-extensions either.

> Another place would be gnome-settings-daemon, but it's not a good fix
> their in terms of intent.

Agreed. Maybe gvfs-hal-volume-monitor or gvfsd. Discussing that with
davidz might yield some more insights/options.



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