Inclusion of Abiword 2.6 in Hardy Heron

Ted Gould ted at
Sat Apr 5 07:15:24 BST 2008

On Fri, 2008-04-04 at 22:35 -0700, Ted Gould wrote:
> So, I'm for it but I think it is a very close call.  I'll probably make
> an attempt at the packaging as I want to play with Abicollab, but it
> seems unlikely I'll get it right.  I think if we want this to happen
> someone with significant deb-fu would have to do it.

Seems that Fedora is shipping quite a few patches right now:

>From the change log, someone with an @abisource e-mail address has been
doing the packaging.  Probably fairly up-to-date.


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