Inclusion of Abiword 2.6 in Hardy Heron

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Sat Apr 5 06:37:00 BST 2008

Dylan McCall wrote:
> There is a bug report filed, requesting to update Abiword to the new
> version 2.6 for Ubuntu Hardy. It does not appear that the desktop team
> has been notified of it automatically though it was suggested that you
> folks should have something to do with the freeze exception, so I may as
> well let you know myself!

Thanks for the email, I was thinking about this but hadn't gotten to 
doing anything about it.

> The reasoning is, in my opinion, indisputable. 2.4.x is now dead; it is
> not going to receive any updates whatsoever. This means that many
> outstanding bugs in the package would remain unfixed in Hardy without
> updating the packaged version of Abiword. I should also take this moment
> to point out that abiword-gnome is in main...

I would like to support this if we possibly can. Abiword 2.6 has been a 
long time coming, will fix ~7 bugs in Launchpad and despite the bad 
timing in our release cycle maintaining 2.4 for the LTS time line could 
be a beast. Upstream has already had over 300,000 download of 2.6 so I 
would think say something at least of the demand and testing.

The "cons" I thought of are:
   - no time really for translations
   - possibly break documentation (does Xubuntu document Abiword at all?)
   - no Debian package as of yet so we can't sync/merge. We'd need to do 
the packaging ourselves.

Lots of good pros and significant cons. If we could pull it off I think 
it'd be great for our users though.

<snip abiword pimpage>
> Relevant bug report:

just my two cents,


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