connexion window (in administration menu) is not optimal

Daniel Chapman leptest at
Fri Oct 19 14:29:25 BST 2007

> "from user point of view it makes non sense :
> - to have to enter a password to desactivate a sound
> - to have 2 differents menu entries to tweak (furthermore : one is in
> preferences menu, the other one is in administration menu)
> - to search in accessibilty tab the option to desactivate this specific
> sound
> Also, GDM themes should be configurable from System>Preferences,
> Appearance"

I agree with both of these points.

I know the correct place to change the GDM theme, but if i don't concentrate
hard enough,
i always find myself going into the Appearance/Theme section. If this is
then you know that's the place it should be found in.

(This is my first time replying to a mailing-list,
please forgive me if i haven't used the proper procedues)
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