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martyn CLEMENT martyn.clement at
Tue Nov 27 09:49:18 GMT 2007


I made a sound theme on which is much apprciated. I received 6
months ago a mail from the Gnome team (a Thomas ... I can't remember the
full name). He told me that Gnome sounds are really old and it could be nice
to make new sounds.
In the same time I made a sound pack I proposed to the Oxygen team (kde4)
and I was too late, they already have a new sound theme.
So I invite you to download "Cleanus" which is my sound pack at :

It has more sounds on the KDE pack than the Gnome one.
If you're OK to put these sounds on the next Ubuntu release (Hardy Heron), I
can create more sounds for this Desktop on your demand.

Best regards,
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