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Ted Gould ted at
Tue Nov 13 20:57:26 GMT 2007

One of the UI reviews of Ubuntu Gutsy specifically mentioned that the
panel resizing was not good.  And specifically that in the world of SVG
icons it should be perfect.  Having never resized my panels I set out to
grab some screenshots:

One of the things that I think stands out is that the text in any of the
applications stays the same.  Should it change?

Let me argue this from a couple different perspectives:

-- Use Case --

The biggest use case that I can see for adjusting the size of the panel
would be for people who have high DPI screens or a hard time seeing the
panel.  In those cases, it would make sense that if they can't see the
icons, they can't read the text also.  So as they adjust the panel size,
they probably want the text to get bigger.

-- Font size is DPI independent --

The font being used by these applets is the application font.  Which in
the appearances dialog is set to a point size.  If these people really
have a DPI issue, the font should adjust likewise automatically.  What
they really want at the end of the day is _all_ their fonts to get
bigger, not just one on their panel.

-- Not a bug, feature --

Some people might really want to have huge panels with small text.
Perhaps they're trying to avoid a couple of bad lines at the top of
their LCD screen by filling them with whitespace.  I can't think of a
good reason, but the status quo seems to always have some weight
associated with it.

What do people think about the text issue?  Is text something that
should change with panel size?


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