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Mon Nov 12 06:48:09 GMT 2007

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Hi guys,

Support office once have a case with a client abt many right-click
entries in nautilus. I will paste here some information what is going
and the suggestions from the client. Think it can help in improvement of
our desktop.

" ...gutsy system when I right click on a JPG file under nautilus I have
three entries for GIMP, none of them work. When I launch GIMP from the
main menu it works. How do I remove not working entries from the
nautilus right click menu and how do I add one that works? "

" I looked around based on your data on the machine with the strange
menu and found out many gimp.desktop entries coming from various
packages: gimp-2.2 leftovers, $HOME/.local leftovers as old as 2005,
etc... :).

I really wonder from where all the stuff in .local comes from: there are
72 .desktop files in there. Anyway, with all the information I'll
probably manage to clean most of it.

In the long run may be some reflection is needed on ubuntu policy for
.desktop files and in particular on how to clean up leftovers. A tool to
trace how a particular mime/desktop entry appears would also help for
those needing a cleanup. "
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