gnome-applets: Modem indicator not working

drohde at drohde at
Tue Jun 26 16:32:07 BST 2007

Good Day

The Modem indicator in the gnome-applets does not indicate the serial
connection for my USRobotics 5610B serial modem. The same information
located in the "pppconfig" file is entered in the modem indicator
sections but the same message "could not get connection time" keeps
coming up. I've tried re-installing to no avail. pon and poff work but
there's no indication of time or connection like with the previous modem
indicator when passing the mouse cursor over the icon.

Possible cause: Previously the 5610B was on dev/ttyS4 for Dapper (having
to be entered in manually) or under dev/ttyS14 under Breezy and Hoary.
Feisty picks it up at dev/ttyS1 and it works fine there but the modem
indicator kept reverting to dev/ttyS4 for a while and now it holds the
dev/ttyS1 but still does not read the modem as active.

It would be nice to have a simple modem lights kind of indicator for
dial up.  just something to show the modem as connected. The network
manager thing did not resolve the problem under any setup and the applet
gave the same "could not get connection time"

Thanks for looking into this, if you do.
Dave Rohde
drohde at

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