Using xdg-user-dirs for the gutsy desktop

Jerome Haltom wasabi at
Mon Jun 18 15:13:26 BST 2007

Uh, how does this work when logging in from multiple workstations with
different locales set?

On Mon, 2007-06-18 at 14:52 +0200, Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> Hi,
> The gutsy desktop can use xdg-user-dirs and will start depending on it
> soon, the tool description is:
> "xdg-user-dirs is a tool to help manage "well known" user directories
>  like the desktop folder and the music folder. It also handles
>  localization (i.e. translation) of the filenames.
>  .
>  The way it works is that xdg-user-dirs-update is run very early in the
>  login phase. This program reads a configuration file, and a set of
>  default directories. It then creates localized versions of these
>  directories in the users home directory and sets up a config file in
>  $(XDG_CONFIG_HOME)/user-dirs.dirs (XDG_CONFIG_HOME defaults to
>  ~/.config) that applications can read to find these directories."
> The default set of directory is:
> "DESKTOP=Desktop
> DOWNLOAD=Download
> TEMPLATES=Templates
> DOCUMENTS=Documents
> MUSIC=Music
> PICTURES=Pictures
> VIDEOS=Videos"
> The desktop applications make use of it to know what directory to use.
> Does anyone has concern about the list of directory or does it look ok
> to everybody?
> Cheers,
> Sebastien Bacher

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